Ensure Your Emails Get Where They’re Going and Secure Your Email Domain from Spoofing

Introducing the New Email Domain Protection Managed Service from BizCom Global

In today’s world where cybercrime is on the rise, it is critical to have ways to verify who is really sending emails – just like you need a valid ID from a recognized source to prove your identity. Enter TrustedSend™, your passport to certified email communications, making sure your emails are seen as trustworthy and secure.

Using a combination of industry-leading practices, TrustedSend™ defends your business’ core identity – its domain – with optimized identity validation and round-the-clock monitoring. Meaning your emails get into inboxes, not junk folders, and we identify and block efforts to spoof your brand.

Why Be Concerned About Spoofing?

Email domain spoofing is a serious risk for your organization's security and reputation. It occurs when criminals pretend to be from a legitimate business, like yours, to trick people into trusting fake emails. These spoofed emails often lead to phishing attacks targeting your employees, vendors, and customers, which can result in malware infections, data breaches, and other harmful consequences.

"More than 90% of cyber attacks begin with phishing. "

Ensuring Your Emails End Up in Inboxes Is Not as Easy as It Used to Be...

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace Don’t Protect You Enough

Most users don’t realize it, but merely relying on Office 365 or Workspace's built-in security features isn't sufficient for your security. Nor will it ensure proper delivery of your emails. Good news, TrustedSend™ seamlessly integrates with both, providing maximum visibility and domain security. 

Don’t Be Late to the Game

In February 2024, Google and Yahoo announced mandatory security standards for successful email delivery to their users. It is only a matter of time before all email providers require these security measures to gain access to their users’ inboxes.

TrustedSend™ manages these requirements for you, ensuring deliverability to all your contacts regardless of their email provider. Don’t let your precious emails sit in spam-filter prison. Ensure your emails reach inboxes by displaying the right security identifiers that signal your commitment to security.

Layered Protection and Managed Security

Beyond basic domain record protection, TrustedSend™ utilizes advanced monitoring tools to uncover threats to your domain. Our predictive AI engine monitors your domain 24/7, alerting our team to suspicious activities worldwide.

Once alerted, our team can take down spoofing attempts from anywhere in the world. Our systems provide detailed insights into the source to effectively neutralize threats.

Additionally, attackers' emails using your domain will lack your private signature, failing authentication and preventing delivery to their intended targets.

Dialing In Your Domain Protection

Effective domain protection requires a multi-step, long-term approach that doesn't disrupt email deliverability. This isn’t just some new tool you are left on your own to figure out how to use. 

Your TrustedSend™ team handles the process seamlessly, providing a superior user experience with hands-on support throughout setup, monitoring, and active operation.

Ready to learn more about what you get when you get TrustedSend™?

Discovery Meeting to Identify Approved

Sending Sources for Email Domain(s)

90-Day Onboarding and Observation

to Focus in on Optimal Settings for 

Security & Deliverability

Ongoing Monitoring, Managed Takedown

of Suspicious Activity, & Quarterly Check-ins

"Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless."

— Cicero