Compliance as a Service 

Strengthen security and maintain 
regulatory compliance

Struggling to keep up with compliance requirements?

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing, making it difficult for businesses to stay compliant. If you don't take appropriate action to meet and maintain compliance requirements, you could face costly fines, government legal action or even potential customer class action lawsuits.

That's where BizCom Global comes in. We offer our comprehensive RiskLOK Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solution that can help you remain in compliance with all the latest regulations, as well as cyber liability insurance policies and vendor/customer contracts.

RiskLOK can help

  • Identify, prioritize and address security vulnerabilities

  • Protect against cybersecurity attacks and breaches

  • Achieve and maintain security compliance

  • Avoid compliance penalties and fines

  • Gain peace of mind

How Do You Know If Your Business Is at Risk For a Cyberattack?

A well-known Cybersecurity specialist once said that 50% of all businesses had been breached by a Cyberattack, and the other 50% just didn’t know it yet. Don’t operate your business with a false sense of security thinking that you’re safe from Cyber Criminals that wouldn’t think twice about infecting your systems with Ransomware for a quick and easy payday. 

Or they could make your sensitive, personally identifiable company and customer information available for sale on the Dark Web - the criminal side of the Internet. Statistics show that small and medium businesses are the most vulnerable - and have the most to lose.


The average annual cost of
non-compliance to businesses.

– bitdefender

Pain Points Solved

  • Identify and Address Security Vulnerabilities
    Our comprehensive Security and Compliance Risk Assessments allow us to quickly identify vulnerabilities and remediate them.

  • Maximize End User Security Awareness
    Our End User Security Awareness Training maximizes your staff’s awareness and expertise in identifying email Phishing and social engineering compromise attempts and the appropriate response.

  • Reach and Maintain Regulatory Compliance
    Attaining and maintaining regulatory compliance is paramount to avoiding cyberattacks, fines, and worse.

  • Save time and money
    By outsourcing your compliance needs to the experts at BizCom Global, you can free up your internal resources to focus on other tasks.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements
    BizCom Global monitors the latest compliance regulations and can help you ensure that you always know what it takes to remain compliant.

  • Understand the risk your vendors pose to you
    You may be secure and compliant, but are all of your vendors? If you don't know, then you could be exposed. RiskLOK helps identify issues with your supply chain so you can manage your risk around your vendors.

  • Attain Peace of Mind
    Feel secure that you have undertaken the appropriate steps to safeguard your company and customer data.

Security and compliance are about so much more than just your technology components. 

Here's how it works...

We use a variety of assessments to test and evaluate your company’s security preparedness and compliance. You may be surprised to learn that we also use direct one-on-one interviews with members of your team who are responsible for various components of not just your IT, but your general security, policies and procedures, staff training, and more.

To deliver your Confidential Security Risk Analysis and other functional reports, we’ll start by conducting a discovery meeting. In this meeting, we aim to fully understand your business and its regulatory compliance needs and requirements, along with your current security strategy.

Next, we’ll schedule the assessments to scan, analyze and document your current security and network and cloud infrastructure and data along with your users, groups, and permissions. We’ll conduct Penetration Testing to identify any external vulnerabilities that can be exploited, as well as test your users on their security awareness by conducting simulated email Phishing activities. 

Once these processes are complete, we’ll analyze the data and develop and deliver our Executive Management Briefing, along with any other pertinent analyses and reports. These and the rest of our deliverables provide an invaluable outline towards helping target, prioritize and remediate your vulnerabilities and achieve regulatory compliance. Whether your in-house IT team, your existing IT Services provider, or our Technician team at BizCom handle the remediation, we don't just stop here.

Once remediation has been attempted, we continue to monitor and review your systems and policies for the duration of your contract with us - 18, 36 or 48 month options are yours to choose from!

Implementation Timeline

Data Collection

Controls & Requirements Assessments

Policy & Procedure 


Ongoing Monitoring, Plan of Action & Milestone Review

"We were struggling to keep up with the ever-changing compliance requirements. BizCom Global helped us assess our compliance status, identify and remediate any gaps, and implement the necessary processes and procedures to ensure we meet the compliance requirements for regulations, cyber liability insurance, business best practices and customer contracts. BizCom Global has been essential in keeping our global organization compliant."

— Robert McMullen, CEO of Paragon Risk Engineering